Smart Consumerism  = Conservation

Calculate your ecological footpr

Lesson plan on ecological foot-printing

On-line ecological footprint calculators
1. “Redefining Progress” - available in many languages and provides a comparison of your result for other members of your country.   Not necessary to give your email address. 
2.  Global footprint network
3.  "Conservation International"
4. Zero footprint [carbon] youth calculator
5. Earthrangers (see page 86 and 87)

Compare ecological footprints from around the world:   
    140 national footprints
    Ecological Footprints from Around the World: Lesson plan from Sierra Club BC

NEW:  Wonderful video spoof highlighting the practice of “greenwashing”.

TED video (Alex Steffen) on the need to do something about our ecological footprints.

Cute video featuring a wombat telling us the facts about needing to share planet Earth.

67-minute video “Consuming Kids” creating awareness of how children are targeted as consumer forces.

The "Story of Stuff" - 20 minute video that reminds us all of "the impact of consumerism and materialism on global economies and international health." 

Great video resource “The Garbage Revolution” - entertaining yet hard-hitting.

Consumer awareness for teens - webpage aimed at eco-aware teenagers with solutions, music, etc.  

The secret lives of light bulbs; hamburgers; showers and paper 

The David Suzuki Foundation’s eco-challenge for kids; 10 simple ways to help Nature.

Eco-action calculator - more suited for adults

Smart consumerism games

Action to reduce your ecological footprint