Eco-Aware Fun & Games

Video Clips:                                                  

Cute video featuring a wombat telling us the facts about our planet Earth. 

Fun animated clip illuminating groundwater .

Whale species information and great animated video of relative whale sizes (“Diving With Whales”).

Brilliant site (BioMEDIA) showing pictures of plankton and what adult organism the plankton will develop into.  


Marine Mammal Games:

Match the whale with its call - identify the whale vocals you hear and match them with their oscilloscope image. - great interactive game to find out what why killer whales are in trouble.  Addresses the concept of toxins in orca. -  Simulation of what a sperm whale with a critter camera would see (National Geographic). Find the animals in the sperm whale’s world. - Games related to the fantastic BBC “Blue Planet” video series. My favourite is "Journey to the Deep"

Salmon Related Games: - all kinds of clever salmon related games; includes math themes

Play the salmon survival game - interactive fish anatomy module for age 10+ - Game that addresses ecosystem dynamics with orca as the top of the food web. - salmon challenge, an on-line game aimed at grade 4 to 8 to illustrate how their decisions impact the survival of salmon. Although the web site is based out of King County , the salmon challenges are the same for salmon in BC - board game available for download - "Trees to Seas: Journey of the Wild Salmon"  board game

Other Fish Species - Games:

Save the Sharks! - see if you can identify BC's rockfish! - fun shark games - design a fish to suit its habitat.

Water Awareness Games

A flash animated activity that lets you control the water cycle as you learn.

Water conservation game. - on-line game, water conservation around the house. 

Games about water conservation around the house

Interactive water cycle, quiz, word search. 

All kinds of great interactive games from the Environmental Protection Agency

What goes around comes around”.  Interactive game illustrating the water cycle.

Game to help “Droplet” navigate through the water cycle.  Multiple choice questions used to proceed in game.

Smart Consumerism & Conservation Games

Lots of eco-games from Canada’s environmental destination for kids (Ecokids) - how energy efficient are you?

See if you tell the difference between “designer” and “non-designer” clothes -

Shopping quiz 

"Greena Planet Saver" games 
    This is your lifestyle game 
    Save the planet game 

Take the Green Squad Assignment! 

Games with General Marine Theme

Marine Ecosystem Game - Database of many excellent activities with a marine biology focus. - Department of Fisheries and Oceans education site - games, quizzes and links. - sea theme games - many on-line marine themed games from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  

Canada’s National Programme of Action - click “games” for some ocean related word games