Reduce Your Footprint!

  1. Calculate your ecological footprint and work to reduce it.

  2. Summary of positive actions

  3. Reduce use of toxins.

  4. How to avoid toxins in your home. Includes which companies do not use PBDEs. Additional info sheet

  5. Two great movies on how to reduce garbage and chemicals = “Garbage - the revolution starts at home” and “Chemerical”

  6. Recycle all the waste you can (gives many recycling locations for all kinds of waste)

  7. Guide to going green - detailed information about how to easily reduce your impact on the planet.

  8. David Suzuki Foundation - background information on environmental problems and the common solutions.  Take the Nature Challenge!

  9. What do to with old electronics?  Don't put them in the landfill!!!! See the Electronics Product Stewardship and Electronic Recycling Association (Canada) webpages for recycling options. Ranking of electronics companies. Background article - scroll to March 2007 article and links.

  10. See Go Blue for 40 tips to reduce water use

  11. Stop junk mail.

  12. Green guide from 3rd whale

  13. Eco-business directory

  14. Article highlighting how easy it is to make a positive difference 

  15. Make sustainable consumer choices regarding seafood. 

  16. FLICK OFF Global Warming.

  17. "What you can do” from Environment Canada – lists actions specifically for community, home and school.   

  18. Recycle more!  It does make a difference!  On-line recycling guide  , British Columbia's Recycling Hotline and Materials Exchange and the  Eco-BC webpage with lists of the recycling centres nearest you.

  19. Ocean Alliance’s 10 things you can do to save the ocean  

  20. As a company or community, follow the approach of “The Natural Step” - A non-profit environmental education organization working to build an ecologically and economically sustainable society