Water Awareness

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Recent threats to Canada’s waterways

  1. The privatization of BC’s waterways (video guide)

  2. Canadian government plans to allow lakes to be classified as
    “Tailings Impound Areas.” (June 17th, 2008)

  3. CBC report on Canada’s condemned lakes

  4. Proposed changes to Canada’s Navigable Waters Act

  5. Water, Water (article re. Canada’s waterways being under threat) - June 2008

Tips to reduce water use

See Go Blue for 40 tips to reduce water use.

See BBC article for the concept of “embedded water”, graphic halfway down the page i.e. how much water does it take to produce a pair of jeans, cup of coffee, etc.

Lesson plans & related resources

  1. Listing of water lesson plans by Environment Canada.

  2. Watershed related lesson plans from the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

  3. Ground Water and Drinking Water: An Expert Guide for Kids

  4. Bundling of weblinks and lesson plans (Thanks Brittany).

  5. Detailed curriculum and opportunity to request a Canadian watershed map poster from the Canadian Wildlife Federation

  6. Canadian Wildlife’s Federations resources for “Rivers to Oceans: Learning About Watersheds.”

  7. Lessons on groundwater - activity 5 is an interesting approach to demonstrating groundwater contamination

  8. - Interactive tutorials on the water cycle, water use and how water is collected from aquifers. A California site.

  9. Environment Canada’s teachers’ links regarding water quality.

  10. Great animated film clip of the water cycle from the Environmental Protection Agency.

  11. PartsTap.com - all from the water cycle to information on using bottled water vs. water filters.

  1. http://www.cacaponinstitute.org/elementary.htm - this features a West Virginian watershed but the knowledge is still applicable and the interactive activities are very engaging!  Sign in as a visitor.  

  2. http://www.uwex.edu/erc/eypaw/listall.cfm?summaries=no - data base of resources relating to "Educating Young People About Water"

  3. http://www.groundwater.org/kc/kc.html - lots of resources on the water cycle  e.g. water cycle crossword; explanation of groundwater; etc. 

  4. http://www.kidzone.ws/water/ - The water cycle summarized.  Colouring sheets available for younger students

  5. http://www.bellmuseum.org/distancelearning/watershed/watershed2.html - on line-quiz as a good follow-up to the Education Coordinator’s Watershed presentation

  6. Watershed – great interactive animations http://www.protectingwater.com/index.html  and http://www.protectingwater.com/storm-drains.html  

  7. The Water Page - listing many further water conservation related web pages

  8. Storm drain marking

  9. http://www-heb.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/community/stormdrain_e.htm

    Reducing toxins in the environment

    Watershed games