Identification Field Guides


   Classification of marine invertebrates


    One stop fantastic resource for marine education delivered by the Bamfield Marine Station, British Columbia.  “Ask a scientist” and “oceanlinks” offer a sea of information! 

    Vancouver Aquarium’s web database of frequently asked questions about marine ecosystems 

    Jungle Walk: search for the organism of choice and select for links, audio or video! Remarkable site.


Animation of how tides work.

Virtual Tide-pools:

    PBS virtual tide-pool 3D


    “Discover Canada’s Oceans”

    “Little known facts about the ocean

Kelp (algae/seaweed):

    General information on seaweeds

    Article on kelp forests by Annie Prud’homme Genereux from NatureWILD


    Brilliant site (BioMEDIA) showing pictures of plankton and what organism it will develop into  

    Short animation on the importance of phytoplankton.

    Lesson plan about plankton

Invertebrate Video:

  Nature of Things video on octopus. Brilliant!


Incredible Invertebrates (Marine) & Algae

Photo: J. Hildering