Salmon Conservation


Further Fish Information

Salmon education programmes (Salmonids in the Classroom)

  1. Watershed Watch’s brilliant animation of the pink salmon’s life cycle and potential transmission of sea lice from open net-cage salmon farms.

  2. Save our Salmon - summary of issues and latest threats; collection of videos relating to threats to wild salmon.

  3.   Images of sea lice on smolts and a summary of concerns relating to current practices in Atlantic salmon open net fish-farming

  4.     Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform “Farmed and Dangerous”

  5.     Industry’s perspective:  “Marine Harvest

Impacts of bottom trawling - video from Living Ocean’s Society

Fish species other than salmon

Fantastic resource on Shark  and Ocean Education from WAKE - free and aimed at Grade 10 Science (matches BC PLOs)

Sharks in Canada and conservation issues

Basking Shark recognized as being COSEWIC "Endangered"
(May 1st, 2007).  They used to be abundant off the coast of British Columbia but we slaughtered them from 1955 to 1969 since they were getting caught in gill nets (organized cull by the Department of Fisheries).  The last sighting of one is BC was off the coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands in 2005. Recovery strategy for basking sharks.

More basking shark information. 

Excerpt from “Basking Sharks - the Slaughter of BC’s Gentle Giants” (Wallace & Gisborne”

Draft management plan for the bluntnose six gill shark and tope shark in Canada.

Vancouver Sun’s October 24 series of articles on sharks.

Rockfish - great facts, video and game from the Vancouver Aquarium

Sea Grant brochure showing images of rockfish with barotrauma and how they can be repressurized.

Fish Video

Article on the return of pilchard to the BC Coast (Vancouver Sun, April 2011)

Photo: J. Hildering